ROBERT CLAUSEN (Owner) arrived in the Berkshires in 1977 and established Clausen Electric Company. Prior to that time he worked in the electrical trade in New York City doing everything from changing light bulbs hanging from a bosun’s chair over Times Square, to renovating celebrity penthouse apartments and installing wiring for refrigeration systems in Harlem meat markets. There is very little having to do with electrical contracting Rob has not done, from working closely with new home owners developing just the right lighting for their home to creating proprietary switching systems in industrial sites. If it is electrical he has done it, is known for it and will be able to do it for you. He has also been a wiring inspector in Berkshire County since 1981.


Clausen Electric Company is trained and recommended by Tesla Motors to install their charging systems.

Massachusetts Master License 9688 A  |  Massachusetts Journeyman’s License 24465 E

Serving the Berkshires for over 40 years.


Great Barrington, MA